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Masuimi is on the cover of over 100 publications world wide.

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Actual boobie props from movie

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International model, performer and more!

Masuimi Videos on Youtube | click here for Masuimi on IMDB

Stay tuned for Masuimi's appearance in

  1. Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong, October 29th, 2013
  2. Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen, season 11, episode 2 (2013)
by Full Moon Features & Charles Band
Available NOW! Buy it here!

Stay tuned for  The Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong, another freak-tastic movie by Charles Band and Full Moon Horror.
Ouftits worn by Masuimi in this movie provided by: Sweet Carousel Corsetry (dvd cover), Pinup Girl Clothing, Deadly Dames, Cherry Pop Latex, Lucy B, Jumpin Jammerz

SUPERHEAVY – Music video for ‘Miracle Worker’, the new single from Mick Jagger’s new supergroup SuperHeavy – Collaboration with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman.
NEW FOUND GLORY – Music video for ‘Radio Surgery’
BUSH – Music video for ‘Sound of Winter’
KATRINA – Music video for ‘Shame on Me’ Red Red Records

  • METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS EVENT – (June 14th, 2010) airing on VH1 (tba) and Scuzz TV (July 2, 2010 UK). Masuimi presented The ‘Metal as Fuck’ award with Steel Panther to the band Evile. Metal Hammer is the UK sister publication to Revolver magazine.
  • G4TV – (February 2010) Adult Entertainment Expo ’10 episode airing on TV entire month of February, featuring Masuimi Max’s burlesque show at AVN and an interview.
  • House of Broken Promises – (2010) Music video.
  • Slumber Party Slaughterhouse – The Game (2009) (VG) …. Polaroid Dolly
  • Inland Empire – (2006) Directed by David Lynch….
  • Girls, Girls, Ghouls - (2005) The 3rd episode of the Mora Show “Girls, Girls, Ghouls” featuring Masuimi Max For a sneak peek check out Mora and get ready for some real “Rock & Roll” We’re talking music, girls, the works!
The Devil’s Muse – (2007) …. Burlesque star …. Directed by Ramzi Abed
XXX: State of the Union – (2005)…. Zeke’s (Xzibit) girlfriend …. Directed by Lee Tamahori …. video clips -
US trailer sm | med | large International trailer Superbowl TV spot
  • Best Damn Sports Show – Oct 31st 2005, Trashy Lingerie Special

  • 9 on the Town – October 29th 2004, Trashy Lingerie Special (channel 9 Los Angeles)
  • Fear Factor – April 5th 2004 on NBC (episode 425) Click here to read about it!
  • click here to enlargeLiving Through Steve Diet Goedde” COVER “Masuimi Max is featured on the cover of the recently released DVD anthology of master photographer Steve Diet Goedde. In addition to other top fetish models, Masuimi is featured extensively on this DVD collection in various animated slideshows and interviews.” – Steve Diet Goedde



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